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article around the world, another area of confusion is the difference between a Ton and a tonne.

Let’s be clear from the start: ‘Ton’ and ‘tonne’ are not equal, and it’s not just about the spelling.

Both are a unit of weight, a Ton is an Imperial measurement (still widely used in the USA), and a tonne is a Metric measurement.

However, they’re not interchangable for each other. Each has a different weight, ascribed by the International System of Units (SI), where officially a tonne is called a Megagram or one million grams or one thousand kilograms.

Which one is heavier depends on where you live.

Ton vs tonne, so what’s the difference between the Imperial and Metric Ton?

To further complicate things, a Ton may relate to two different weights. In the United States, they measure by the US Ton or short Ton, while the British Ton, known as an Imperial Ton or long Ton is heavier.

Both the long and short Tons are a measure representing 20 hundredweight.

What is a hundredweight? That’s 100 pounds (US) or 112 pounds (UK). As the UK has moved to the Metric system, the British or long Ton is no longer officially used, although there is evidence of the word “Ton” or “T” still on many cranes, hoists and lifting apparatus. The US maintains their customary short Ton.

So, an Imperial Ton that was used in Australia is 36lbs or 16kg heavier than a metric tonne. If you lived in America, the metric tonne is 204lbs or 91kg heaver than the US Ton.

When representing an Imperial Ton with one letter it is customary to use a capital “T” whereas to indicate metric tonnes then a lower case “t” is used.

If you are spelling the word Ton or tonne then it can be either capitals or lower case if you spell the whole word.

The difference between measuring in Metric or Imperial has implications in international trade, especially in large projects with many moving parts.

In 1999, NASA lost a $125 million Mars orbiter because of a Metric/Imperial confusion. Reports stated that a contracted engineering team used the English units of measurement ,while the agency’s team used the metric system. The results are now strewn across the surface of Mars.

Ton and tonne both originate from Germanic in the Middle Ages. ‘Tun’ became the standard word for the wine cask volume measurement, equivalent to 954 litres. These enormous barrels would have weighed very close to the modern day tonne.

We also have the French to thank for standardising the metric system, including creating the first metre following the French Revolution.

As with the majority of the world’s nations which have adopted the Metric system, go with tonne. If you’re in the US, the easy way to remember it is 2000lbs is a Ton, while 1000kg is a tonne (or metric Ton).

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> Buying a Home near Salt Lake City, Utah? READ THIS! - Exclusive Buyers Agent Blog
Real Estate Agent with Homebuyer Representation, Inc. DRE# 5467433
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Q: One of our acquaintances yesterday mentioned that they were under the impression that when you close on a house technically everything inside the home technically becomes yours as well. Is that actually how things technically work by default? You close and everything inside the home changes ownership?

, make sure you get an Agent on YOUR side!

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is the only Real Estate Brokerage representing Buyers ONLY in Salt Lake City and the Surrounding Area. We do not list any homes. We never represent Sellers.

We work for BUYERS ONLY on the Buyer's side of the transaction.

We work to get BUYERS the Best Price and Terms when they Buy...

We're "The Real Estate Agents on the Buyer's Side" TM

If you have excellent credit and are thinking about buying a $250,000-$500,000 home in the Salt Lake area in the next 60-90 days , call us at (801) 969-8989 or contact us via the link on this page.

©2008 Homebuyer Representation, Inc. All Rights Reserved

A: With regard to your question: if the Seller moves out and delivers possession and they left behind a couch or a barbeque or something like that, then yes, it become yours. I say could, because obviously a Seller could have left a car in the garage or something else by accident and that wouldn't necessarily "make" it yours just because it was there. YOU would claim that it is yours because they were to have removed all their personal belongings from the homeTHEIR attorney would claim that they did not remove all their personal belongings from the home as per the contract and that your only remedy or complaint is on the breach of that line in the contract.

Another argument is that the contract specifically "includes" items of personal property that are to the Buyer. (Section 1.1 "Included Items"). Therefore, articles simply left behind by mistake (say a wedding ring or something) wouldn't necessarily automatically become your property simply because they were left in the home.In reality, I personally have acquired a barbeque, a workbench, and numerous other things that were left behind by the Seller when I purchased my first home. Other clients have "inherited" other items that have been left behind when a Seller moved. In most of these cases the Seller did not want to take the items with them (for whatever reason) and left them for the Buyer. Not always has there been a bill of sale.I have also seen where a Seller has left behind some personal property that the Buyer did not want. For that same reason, I have often used the "Excluded Items" section of the contract to specifically exclude something from the Sale, thereby requiring that the Seller remove it from the property. (Just last month we excluded a snowmobile from a sale for that reason. It was obviously not working and the home was a "flip". Fearing the Seller would leave it behind for us to deal with, we excluded it from the sale. It wasn't being offered as part of the sale, but as your friend suggested, it become yours at possession and then you would have to dispose of it.At any rate, the simple answer is YES and NO. If the Seller has not yet delivered physical possession to you (which they could also breach) their property doesn't automatically become yours just because the home has closed. Once physical possession has been delivered, in most cases it is assumed and presumed by all parties that anything left in the home is now the Buyer's responsibility (or property).Still, if you have any particular items in mind, it is best to . Going that route saves the ambiguity and makes lawsuits and small claims much less likely.

Below the search bar will sit a new user interface that automatically populates with contentbased around three key parts of iOS: Apps, Contacts, and Maps, effectively a considerably upgraded version of Siri’s existing “digital assistant” functionality.For example, if a user has a flight listed in her Calendar application and a boarding pass stored in Passbook, a bubble within the new Proactive screen will appear around flight time to provide quick access to the boarding pass. If a user has a calendar appointment coming up, a map view could appear with an estimated arrival time, directions, and a time to leave indicator based on traffic. Proactivewill also be able to triggerpush notifications to help the user avoidmissing calendar events. Even with these new notifications, however, the existing Notification Center apparently isn’t likely to see major changes.

Beyond Calendar integration, the feature will be able tointegrate with commonly used apps.For example, if an iPhone user typically opens the Facebook app when hewakes up around 9AM, a button to access Facebook will start to appear for the user around 9AM. If the user calls hismother every Tuesday at 5PM, a bubble to “Call Mom” could appear around that time every Tuesday. As this feature integrates deeply with a user’s contact list, it is likely that the Recent Contacts menu introduced to the top of the Multitasking pane in iOS 8 will be relocated to Proactive’s interface. Lastly, Proactive will be able to display restaurant suggestions and ratings around breakfast, lunch, and dinner times in Proactive, changing basedon the user’s location. Some of these features come from Apple’s acquisition of Spotsetter , a social-based search engine company founded by ex-Google Maps engineer Stephen Tse and Jonny Lee.

Yelp’s Monocle feature

Augmented Reality Maps, Browse Around Me

Beyond the new Spotlight interface, improvements to Maps will bea focal point for the Proactive initiative. In addition to a new public transportation service for bus, train, and subway routes , Apple is overhauling its Points of Interest (POI) system for the iOS Apple Maps application. While sources say Apple has explored new or expanded dealswith Foursquare, Yelp, and Nokia’s HERE, the company ultimatelydecided to build its own new POIsystem for Proactive.Apple has developed a pair of new features around the POI system: an augmented reality view for local listings, as well as a feature dubbed“Browse Around Me.”

The augmented reality feature allows a user to hold up her iPhone in the Maps application, and point her camera toward a particular business or an area. Pointedtowards a cafe, for example, the screen could show a virtual view of menu items or daily specials. If the user points her phone toward a street, a virtual outline of local businesses, restaurants, shopping stores, or coffee shops could appear.As a separate feature, the Browse Around Me button could simply show points of interest on an overheadmap that are more tailored to previous searches and user preferences, a less flashy version of the augmented reality feature that’s Free Shipping New Styles Isabel Marant embellished buckle belt Find Great Online L8YMzSpjTj
. Apple may choose to solely ship the Browse Around Me feature in iOS 9 and hold back the more extravagantaugmented reality feature until later, the sources warned.

Jen: We are.

Jeffrey: But to some extent—like I’m on a project now with a client, and I’m not comping pages yet. I’m just saying, “Here’s the call-to-action module—I think. Here’s how it might look on a wider screen, here’s how it might look on a smaller screen. Maybe it doesn’t change from one screen to the next, it’s just this, let’s call it one unit of width and height.” I’m thinking in terms of building blocks. Ultimately, to make a great page, you have to think of the page, but I do think responsive is leading us in a good direction toward pattern libraries, atomic design modules.

Second, I want to make a point about your wonderful comment, Jen, about how some of the experts in typography or experts in traditional publishing don’t understand the web. Wonderful example of this: there was a company I knew, they actually used Roger’s TreeSaver technology a few years back to create a set of publications that, of course, could configure themselves. They did pagination, and ads, and everything a publisher wants, but they were also responsive. No one was calling it that yet because responsive design and TreeSaver came out at the same time.

So, Roger and his colleagues came up with this product using JavaScript to basically paginate and do multipage layouts in any device. And this publishing company formed by experts who’d been at the helm of incredibly great traditional print publications over the years, they used to have their designers mount the layouts on foamcore and walk them in, and they’d look at them as if they were a fixed layout. And I can remember overhearing conversations where these experts said, “Why is there this white space here?” and it was explained, “Well, that’s where the article ended.” “Well, shouldn’t we sell an ad there?” “Well, but it’s not a print publication. That space exists on this device but not another.” “On which device?” “Well, whatever device this happens to represent. This is a hypothetical device.” It was completely different centuries, right?

Roger: It was sad.

Jeffrey: One last point: I think for browser makers, in the old days when we were doing the web standards thing, the browser makers were torn because they had people like Steve Champion from the Web Standards Project saying, “You must properly support CSS1.” And they’d say, “Yes, we hear you, but there’s a lot of detail to that.” And at the same time, we have this other designer, who represents a million customers, who wants colored scrollbars. We would get angry and say, “Screw colored scroll bars. Support CSS1.”

But the truth was the browser maker couldn’t afford to turn on either customer, and I think we’re at a similar inflection point here where the browser makers are excited about CSS Grid, and they’re excited about people pushing boundaries on layouts, but at the same time there’s all kinds of traditional businesses out there that are doing layouts like it’s 2007, and they have to support both. I would imagine it’s very hard to be a browser maker, because if you blow up the 2007 designs—I’m not saying that you have to, I’m not saying there’s causality, but you can’t turn your back on either customer. If you’re a TV show, you have to appeal to democrats and republicans—usually.

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